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MUA Video Archive

Jim Eitel, United States Central Command


Jim Eitel, Operations Manager for United States Central Command recently had the Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) procedure to overcome chronic back pain. Here's what he had to say.

Dr. Don Alosio demonstrates proper MUA Procedural Technique for the Shoulder


Dr. Alosio demonstrates the proper procedural techniques to be used when performing the MUA treatment on the Shoulder.

New York Yankees Chiropractor Dr. Louis Bisogni Interviews Dr. Donald Alosio


"Healthy Frontiers" with Dr. Louis Bisogni - Featuring Dr. Donald Alosio
When the team chiropractor for the World Champion New York Yankees
decided that he needed to become MUA certified to provide the highest
possible level of care to his high profile patients, he naturally sought out the
worlds best MUA training.
Dr. Bisogni wanted to be sure that he recieved the most comprehensive and
thorough training available in the MUA procedure and therefore he promptly
got personally trained and certified by Dr. Alosio.
Dr. Bisogni was so impressed by the expert instruction provided by Dr. Alosio
that he invited him to appear on his television show "Healthy Frontiers"
to educate others about this breakthrough procedure in Pain Management.

CBS 4 Haystack TV interviews Dr. Paul Burns about MUA


CBS 4 segment on Haystack TV in Denver featuring Dr. Paul Burns speaking about
the effectiveness of the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure for the relief of                                        
chronic neck, back and shoulder pain.

UFC Fighter and Actor Oleg Taktarov on MUA


Actor and Ultimate Fighter Oleg Taktarov speaks for Doctors Tafler and Ovshaev and Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulation Under Anesthesia Procedure Video


Step in to the Operating Room and watch an actual live Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure performed by MUA Certified physician Dr. Ty Talcott.

MUA for Frozen Shoulder


Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure for treatment of frozen shoulder.

NBC News Report on MUA


Another NBC News segment about Manipulation Under Anesthesia this one featuring Dr. Eddie Leonard.

CBS Health Watch Report on Manipulation Under Anesthesia


CBS News Health Watch feature on the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure. The report gives a before and after look at one MUA patients case, including a glimpse into the procedure itself and interviews with the treating physician and the patient.

ABC News Report: Rapid Relief for Back Pain


Channel 7 News segment on the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure. Hear both doctors and patients alike rave about the benefits and success rate of the MUA treatment, as well as giving an inside look at an actual MUA procedure.

Patients talk about MUA


Patients of highly successful Fort Lauderdale, Florida chiropractor Dr. Ron Drucker talk about their lives before and after the MUA procedure. 

MUA on the News


NBC News affilates and other major media outlets reports on how the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure has helped chronic pain patients where other treatments had failed them.

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