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Is MUA or Manipulation Under Anesthesia Experimental?


Manipulation Under Anesthesia is not `new` nor is it `experimental`.
The MUA treatment has been part of the manual medical arena for more than 60 years.
The attached letter from the American Medical Association dispels the myth that MUA is "experimental".

Category I CPT Codes: Category I CPT codes describe a procedure or service identified with a five-digit CPT code and descriptor nomenclature. The inclusion of a descriptor and its associated specific five-digit identifying code number in this category of CPT codes is generally based upon the procedure being consistent with contemporary medical practice and being performed by many physicians in clinical practice in multiple locations. 

Manipulation Under Anesthesia - CPT Code 22505

Category III CPT Codes:
is described in the 2008 CPT American Medical Associations Professional Edition as "a set of temporary codes used for emerging technologies, services and procedures. Use of unlisted codes does not offer the opportunity for the collection of specific data. If a Category III code is available, this code must be reported instead of a Category I unlisted code."